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complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. >> a tip leads federal officials to a south bay principal and the school community is stunned by the drug charges against the educator. good evening. >> an elementary school principal is facing felony drug charges tonight after he was arrested during an under cover sting. parents say the principal even took part in
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antidrug programs for his students. >> reporter: classes start here in about 10 hours and when students arrive, they'll see the message put up by the former principal. at the end of the day be ready to say i'm proud of what i did today. after his arrest, many are wondering what message that sends to the students. >> kids come on a sunday just to play. but monday, their principal of 7 years are not be at work. he was arrested on drug charges last week. >> i don't believe it. i'm shocked. >> it's shocking, you know. he's the principal of the school. you would think he would be doing better. >> a department of justice spokes person told me they received a tip he was involved in drugs. an under cover agent contacted him and set up a meeting at the train station on thursday where he was arrested. he found meth pills and scales in his home.
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>> all sorts of people in different professions that do these things unfortunately. >> school officials placed him on unpaid leave. a letter will be sent home to students tomorrow. >> i'm sure the kids will be a little disappointed but they'll move on and we'll be able to focus them on learning. >> are not she says the principal was well respected and helped out with the antidrug dare program. >> if you do something like this, you are sooner or later going to get caught. it's bad the children have to know someone they looked up to like that get caught up in something like this. >> the department of justice says he is charged with the possession of drugs. both are felonies and could face up to 5 years or more in prison if convicted. matt keller, ktvu channel 2 news. >> san mateo police made an arrest at a recent child
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abduction case and tiedther the. on friday, police say a man tried to kidnap a 9 year old girl on eisenhower street. bradley mrozek has been arrested. investigators have also linked him to two other incidents. he is facing several charges including attempted kidnapping. >> new at 10:00, a man was rushed to the hospital after being shot several times outside of a san lorenzo market. investigators with the sheriff's department say the victim was confronted by a group of men when he existed the save right market. an argument broke out and shots were fired. the victim as man in his mid 20s was rushed to the hospital with life threaten injuries. >> in oakland police continue to search for a gun man who shot
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a man overnight. found him at 68th avenue with a gun shot to the wound to the head. the wound was not life threatening. police think the shooting could have happened a little more than a mile away near 89th avenue. there is no word tonight on a motive. published reports quote police as saying they found fingerprints on a gun near his body when oakland officers shot and killed him back in may. that comes from the san francisco chronicle. police planted the gun. in response to the shooting they shut down the oakland city council meeting. last week the family has filed a lawsuit against the city. >> we now know the name of a worker at san francisco airport who died after the truck he was driving hit a private jet yet. 60-year-old uzaw aung. happened 5:30 yesterday morning.
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they are still investigating what led up to that crash. >> scheduled a town hall meeting for tomorrow morning in response to last thursday's police shooting and the protests that followed. friday night protestors vandalized businesses as we reported right here. investigators say that when police tried to question a suspected gang member, he pulled out a semi automatic gun. that's when officers shot and wounded the man. police plan to explain more tomorrow. >> we'll bring to light certain facts about the officer involved shooting. we'll also have the opportunity for anybody from the community that has questions to have their questions answered. >> that town hall meeting is set for 11:30 tomorrow morning at the corner stone church at 2459, 71st 17thth street. >> the 35th year old man appeared intoxicated and had a
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baseball bat and began to fight with one of two officers. said to be afraid for the life of the first officer and shot and killed the man. authorities have not released the name. >> continuing coverage now on the san francisco giant's road to the playoffs. and now that the team or the national league west champs, fans are eyeing tickets to the post season. the price with getting in on that action. >> reporter: in about two weeks the giants will be in the playoffs here at at&t park. if you don't have your tickets, it will lost you. as we found up to $10,000. >> outside at&t park tonight, you'd never know the home team lost today. giant's fans ecstatic. slapping down cash to buy anything orange and black. >> but what are you going to do? enjoy the afterglow. >> they are still glowing from
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last night's win. the game that quenched a national. >> would have been nice to be been here when they clinched it. we're happy they are in there. >> go giants. let's go. >> it might be a party for fans but still no set dates. no set place and many have no idea how or if they'll get tickets. >> we probably spent about $500 for two tickets. >> how much are you willing to pay? >> $1,000. >> really? >> the giants win the world series again. >> reporter: online, you can tickets like stub hub for $100 to,000s for premium seats. >> the demand is there. people will make the money. that's how it is. >> that's the whole reason we bought season tickets. we were tired of it. it's sad. you shouldn't be able to up the prices on tickets. >> reporter: there is a drawing tomorrow for a chance to get
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playoff tickets for fans who registered a few weeks ago. for the rest of us, we have to get them from a season ticket holder or be willing to pay quite a lot of cash. ktvu channel 2 news. >> those tickets might be expensive. here's how the rest of the season shapes up for the giants. they are off tomorrow and three home games at at&t park against the diamond backs. and on the 28th, san diego for three games against the padres. in october, the final games of the regular season are set against the la dodgers on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd. we thought this might be a great series battling it out for the championship. but the giants took care of that earlier. then we move on to the post season after the series against the dodgers the national league division series. the washington nationals have clinched a spot. they have not yet won the east division and still fighting for
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that. the reds have won the central division and the wild card winner that still has to be determined. the braves and cardinals are fighting for those spots. could face any of these teams in the playoffs. if they finish strong with a better record they would take on the winner of that wild card. >> we will of course be following it for you. meantime, the a's began the day two and a half games in front of the angels for the second wild card slot in the american league after losing to those yankees 10-9 and 14 innings yesterday. the a's beat the yankees today e sox to stay two and a half back of the a's. our sports coverage also continues on just click on the bay area sports tab. you can find viewer photos of that giant's clencher yesterday under hot topics. raiders wide receiver suffered a neck injury and rushed to the hospital today. after a blow to his head left
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him unconscious. happened during the 4th quarter against the steelers. the wide receiver took a helmet to helmet hit. as he was carted off the field, he was able to lift his arm and give a thumbs up. fred will have much more on the injury. and also have highlights of that game a little bit later in sports wrap. also have reaction from the 49ers after their loss today to minnesota. >> chevron is reportedly facing a criminal investigation over alleged deception that carried out at troubled richmond refinery. the environmental protection agency wants to know if the oil giant tried to sidestep air pollution procedures. >> if you can't trust the person to do what they are supposed to do. >> richmond is still reeling from the explosion of a core oweded pipe. >> it's serious again whether
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it's intentional or negligent. >> this super advisor is angry over flaring. it's a pressure release part of refining oil and since 2005 a process measured and recorded. but not this time. >> they had to actually turn a valve to open it up. >> at chevron, inspectors found a bypass line allowing flaring without detection. >> we begin to lose confidence in the facility. >> regulators didn't buy chevron's explanation that the 100 foot pipe was balancing pressure. at least 27 times polluting gasses mraired from the stack -- flared from the stack. >> we weren't able to quantify material accurately as to how much went out. >> a statement estimating total emissions was approximately 200 pounds. tiny compared to the half million pounds from the local refinely.
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and 25 million pounds emitted in the bay area. it's not the size. rather the perceived deception that disturbs many. >> it doesn't really matter to me whether it was criminal or careless. and either way, it puts our health and our safety in danger. >> the pipe was yanked at chevron fined $170,000. no word yet on if or when the epa probe will result in criminal charges. ktvu channel 2 news. >> the health department and the city of richmond plan to hold a community meeting tomorrow evening where they will present latest findings on august 6th refinery fire. the meeting is set for 6:00 p.m. at the richmond memorial ought for i auditor ium. . >> well-known san francisco movie theater goes dark. the disagreement behind the closure.
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>> presidential hopefuls sit down for prime time interviews. differing opinions about the
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after 45 years in san francisco, a venue that show cased independent film showed its last film tonight. patty lee explains air on polk street
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is going dark. >> film lover snaps photos of the air. >> i hate to see it go. >> built in 1967 the polk street institution will close after final showing tonight. >> we've seen so many great small films here. one of my all time favorite my own private idaho, we saw here. >> there was no notification of the closing on the doors or the web site. so bush thought he had plenty of time to see keep the lights on. >> i read all those years and i'm interested in seeing it. >> did you know today is your last day to see it here? >> no, i did not know that. i'm sad by that. i can't believe it. >> he wasn't the only one caught off guard. >> the five employees here learned just last week that the theater was closing. no one is losing a job but some say they are losing a home away from home. >> employees will work at other theaters owned by landmark. operating since 1991.
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it recently lost and could not come to terms with the landlord. >> kind of a fading institution. just another example of things that valued that are disappearing. i want to remember them. >> fans say they know it's not the end of the world. but for them it feels like the end of an era. ktvu channel 2 news. >> could easily turn to tears as san francisco's 60-year-old comedy club the purple onion. after a marathon ends tomorrow evening, they will shut its doors and everything will be auctioned off tuesday morning. early in their career, comedy greats performed there. >> electric car owners were plugging in today for a car show in the city. hundreds of nissan leap owners charged up for the second annual national plug in day. fans of the cars say they are fun to drive and good for the environment. >> it's kind of like you think
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of the prius people and they are saying i'm a tree hugger. >> representatives from nissan were on hand looking for feedback on how to improve models. >> in election 2012 news tonight, mitt romney and president obama subscribe their different visions for the economy. >> don't build these massive deficits that pass debt on to our kids. rebuild the foundations with great homes, great schools. entrepreneurship and innovation. keep government as a facilitator as freedom in america. don't have government take away the rights and the freedoms of the american people. >> romney told cbs news his campaign does not need to turn around. the videotape which he calls 47% of americans tax avoiders. the gop nominee rallied a crowd and will take a bus tour to ohio this week.
11:50 pm
president obama defended the economic progress so far. >> has what we've done worked? and the fact of the matter is what we've done has been effective in improving the situation in every area that we're talking about. when i made a decision to save the auto industry, that saved a million jobs. >> the president told cbs news he expects to work successfully with congress after the election. sticking with presidential business during the next few days. on tuesday speaks to the united nations. more details now on the up coming debates. president obama and mitt romney face off about the economy. next week at the university of denver. the following week on october 11th the vice presidential candidates. then on october 16th, the presidential candidates will square off in a town hall style meeting in new york. and then there will be a
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final debate with foreign policy as the focus in florida on october 22nd. >> governor jerry brown signs several bills this weekend including one to curb drinking. a recent accident killed a young woman who fell out of a party bus. the new law makes bus companies responsible for under aged drinking and open containers that takes affect on january 1st. other bills now signed into law allowing nurses to prescribe and dispense birth control. and get better cancer screenings. allow courts to hospitalize violent mental patients and one that would improve the safety of natural gas pipelines. >> the iphone 5 is bringing up record sales this weekend. these people lined up to buy in germany. some u.s. stores already report being sold out. and apple has had to push back delivery for some of online
11:52 pm
orders. one analyst estimates apple could sell 10 million iphones this weekend. >> with this frenzy, seems the tech giant is crushing its competition. other companies could exploit one of apple's biggest weaknesses, cost. >> experts say apple creates an entire echo system. elegant hardware and movies and apps to run them on. others concentrate on one thing. usually hardware and that allows consumers to switch to other less expensive hardware. >> if you continue to deliver the added value, that is what is going to keep a consumer loyal to you. >> that makes it harder to switch. >> i think as long as they can stay ahead of the curve and continue to own the user experience, it's theirs to makes it really hard to leave. >> apple replaces products.
11:53 pm
apple never accepts what it has is good enough. >> but experts say what could trip apple up is a competitor creating a hardware software echo system at a much lower price. >> and have that hardware where it creates consumer demand on the back of the content distribution model that amazon brings to the markets. similar to apples. >> always going to be a market for cheap other options. >> another danger, user interface. >> i think the one thing you have to watch out for is does it feel dated from the ui perspective? >> analysts say that's unlikely to happen. apple is aware of it and never rests on its loyals. ktvu channel 2 news. >> at the end of trading friday afternoon, apple stock was over $700 a share. and as the stock
11:54 pm
rises, analysts are crunching the numbers trying to determine when the company might hit the $1 trillion mark. the mark will be hit in april of 2015. others say early as august of next year. currently stock is is valued at $656 billion. >> mind-boggling numbers. los angeles gears up for the second round of car mageddon. >> a very close call for a truck driver in brazil. the last second move that resulted in this near death experience.
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there were more antiamerican protests today in pakistan in response to that antimuslim video produced in california. a cabinet minister offered $100,000 bounty for the death of those who made the film. the government was quick to deannounce that award. demonstrations in pakistan left 21 people dead. police used tear gas and live am munition. in all more than 50 people have died in protests around the world linked to that film. >> in other news in the world tonight, an avalanche killed 9 people and 6 others missing. the avalanche hit at a camp around 23,000 feet on the slopes. the 8th highest mountain in the world. in georgia, a 4th day of protest after a video surfaced
11:58 pm
reportedly showing prisoners being beaten and sexually abused by prison guards. broadcasts video that was said to show graphic examples of the mistreatment of prisonersa former georgia jailer leaked. take a look at this. a very very close call for one truck driver. this is how his truck looked after he hit the breaks to avoid hitting a car. the driver was able to somehow stay inside this dangling cab until a passersby used a rope to rescue him. he was not hurt. >> a huge dock from the tsunami was discovered floating in the ocean. one of the fisherman climbed on and saw a placard with japanese writing on it. notified surrounding fisherman about debris in the area. trying to determine if it is from last year's tsunami.
11:59 pm
this year a celebrating a year since release. one of them celebrated his freedom yesterday at an occupy event in new york. he offered his reflections on spending 781 days in a jail cell. >> i'm just feeling good. but it's not easy to transition. it's really not easy . it's trauma. a lot of people experience trauma but mine was a prolonged systematic enduring trauma. hard to come out of that. >> on september 21st, they reunited with their families. and the third hiker who had been treed on humanitarian grounds. they gotten gauged while in prison and married shortly after their reunion. >> ground breaking race today. an event with international flare. why this was the first time this has come to the u.s. >> also, the lead singer of green day enters rehab. what the bay area native did at a
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concert that
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if you are headed to los angeles next weekend, here's an important road closure you'll want to know about. starting at midnight saturday september 29th, cal trans will be doing work on the 405. will be closed for 53 hours. that is the same stretch of road that was closed last summer and dubbed a potential carmageddon. set to reopen monday october 1st. held at sonoma raceway today as drivers took part in
12:03 am
the world touring car championship. sal was there and tells us this was the first time this popular international sport has held a race right here in the u.s. >> right from the started to, these drivers got up close and personal fighting for position. several cars got tangled up coming into the first turn. these crashes and spin outs are part of what fans love. these two were glad to see a touring car race come to the u.s. >> now they are here, like let's go. >> he wishes he would be out there. >> drive like that sometime. >> these touring cars have familiar names. ford focus. chevy cruise. but they have a few upgrades. these drivers are from around the world. james gnash is from the uk. >> we missed out for this place. >> ideal for the world car championship. it's a road course. lots of twists and turns. these drivers don't do
12:04 am
ovals. >> being a world championship needs to be in the u.s. it's a place where it's used. >> i got to ride shotgun in one of these touring cars for a nerve-racking laugh. race organizers estimate around 25,000 people turned out today. more than they expected for the event's first spin here in the u.s. >> people happy to learn about this race. and i think it's very good to start in a beautiful sonoma country. >> next up for these drivers, cars and equipment will be packed into these shipping containers and sent off to japan where their next race will be taking place. they'll be back here for the next two years. ktvu channel 2 news. >> bay area drivers can anticipate a break at the gas pump but not quite yet. the survey finds a gallon averages $3.83 across the u.s. that's a drop of less than a penny from two weeks ago. the first nationwide dip in several weeks.
12:05 am
this weekend aaa reports local prices of $4.25 in san francisco. $4.17 in oakland. >> the lead singer of the band from green day has checked into rehab for substance abuse. comes days after the 40-year-old smashed his guitar and began spewing profanities in las vegas on friday night. he was angry that the band's set was being cut short. he was hospitalized in italy earlier this year for undisclosed illness. >> people magazine is running an article on the life of convicted killer scott peterson who is on death row. people reports that peterson doesn't appear to be depressed and he jokes with other inmates and enjoys playing basketball. he's working on an appeal that was filed this past july. he was convicted of the december 2002
12:06 am
killings of his pregnant wife lacy and unborn son. >> scientists are investigating whether a spike in the deer mouth could be to blame for the recent hanta virus out break. sense june 9 people have contracted the virus after spending the night in the park. three people have died. most of those infected have stayed in the cabins. those cabins allow mice to nest in the walls undetected. they have been closed indefinitely. >> it is a skin and leather san francisco tradition. why organizers say thousands of people what was grandma's cold remedy?
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pretty nice weekend. of course we have the first full day of fall with upper 50s doeft side. inland a few neighborhoods back up to the lower 90s. right now you may have noticed high clouds moving through the bay area. we have a batch of high clouds out there as well. and also the fog, this is that dense fog keeping the visibility quite low closer to pacifica, san francisco for the golden gate bridge. also just off shore, you can see tracking the swell. not too big out there. about 4 feet. over the next 24 hours , swells do build. and as the result, be extra careful near the shore line. waves topping 10 feet tomorrow and into tuesday. as far as temperatures, they range from the upper 50s at pacifica. san
12:10 am
francisco, 65 degrees. and 90 out toward antiock. forecast headlines tonight, partly cloudy skies. fog will continue to push. we go the other direction in the extended forecast. we do warm things back up. overnight lows first thing monday morning, definitely want to bundle up out towards santa rosa and napa. san francisco, 51 and livermore starting out monday in the lower 50s. there is a weather system to our north and east moving out of oregon. this is moving into parts of nevada over the next 24 hours. no rainfall for us. temperatures do come down just a few degrees within crease in the northerly breeze for tomorrow afternoon that might help mix up some of the low clouds and fog especially north of the bridge into monday afternoon. between now and then, here's our updated forecast model. regrouping coast side, right around the bay. here we are tomorrow
12:11 am
morning. that fog could be locally dense. into the afternoon hours, patchy and overcast near parts of the shore line south of the golden gate bridge. away from that, more sunshine. no 90s in the forecast for most of the region tomorrow. warmest location is on track to reach the mid to upper 80s. oakland tops out about 70. there you go with the mid to upper 80s toward brentwood. san jose will go upper 70s. 79 degrees. and temperatures will check in at 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. be extra careful with the dense fog. a factor first thing tomorrow morning. your five day forecast. and temperatures really not too much change for tuesday and into wednesday. here is the next change beginning later in the week by friday. and with your weekend always in view, warm numbers. back up into the lower 90s. we have the nice warm temperatures. the biggest draw back increase
12:12 am
in the fire danger. watch out for that. >> thank you, mark. one of a kind san francisco street fair was held today on folsom street. first kicked off back in 1984 and now known as the world's largest leather festival. held last sunday in september. the event draws crowds from all over the world. >> kind of crazy how it's evolved. changed with the nature of community and what people are expecting. it's an opportunity for people to live out their fantasies for a day. >> grown as a non-profit event and raises thousands of dollars for 16 different bay area charities. >> a star studded night in los angeles as those gather for the 64th annual emmy awards. there were plenty of plunging necklines and dark suits on the red carpet tonight. while inside the nokia theater, clair
12:13 am
danes. best supporting actor in a drama series. maggi smith won best supporting actress. julia was honored as the actress in a comedy series for hbo's leap. >> coming up, we hear from the >> coming up, we hear from the 49ers after their unexpected [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. easier banking. i wish i could keep it this way. [ dr. rahmany ] you see, even after a dental cleaning... plaque quickly starts to grow back. but new crest pro-health clinical plaque control toothpaste can help. it not only reduces plaque... it's also clinically proven... to help keep plaque from coming back. plus, it works in these other areas dentists check most. ♪
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good evening. thanks for joining our sunday night edition of sports wrap. carson palmer
12:16 am
was intercepted today on the very first play. then oakland loses best receiver two in illegal hit. the raider nation kept waiting and waiting and waiting before getting a last second payoff. hall of famer allen had a long love hate relationship but returned today to light the eternal flames. 7-0 early. gets a block. finds a whole. hole. and there's no stopping him now. 64 yard rushing touchdown. 64 yards. a total of 54 in the first two games. it's 7-7. shakes off early interception. that's a 3 yard touchdown. still led 17-14 at half. ben roethlisberger threw for 384 yards and four touchdowns. look at the big man buy time and find a wide open mike wallace. 24-14 steelers early in the third. this takes a little while to decipher.
12:17 am
then gets the ball stripped by oakland's phillip weaver. under about 6 different people before brown recovers own fumble. here's the play that must be reviewed by the entire nfl. gets sideswiped by ryan mundr why. the replacement rough rees do not charge a penalty for that violent helmet to helmet hit. he was knocked unconscious. hospitalized overnight. and there's no concussion but has a serious neck injury. 6 yards, 6 points. 31-28 pittsburgh. 12 minutes left. raiders a healthy moore. three plays later defense makes a play. forces antonio brown to fumble once again. finally, phillip gets it. and that steps up the game tying field goal.
12:18 am
now, it's seabass again. time about to expire. raiders win 34-31. the first victory forehead coach dennis allen. derek ran for 113 yards. palmer pass for 20 9. the fact that strikes me here is three penalties for 25 yards for oakland. it was an emotional roamer coaster for everybody and the whole team responds to the illegal hit. >> definitely. any time they take one of your brothers out, you got to retaliate. not in an illegal way. we are going to go out there and get the win. couldn't finish it. hopefully, he has a healthy return. >> i'm happy for the team we got the win. i'd rather a tough win at home against a really good football team. it's a confidence booster for everybody.
12:19 am
we needed this one. >> the fact we were able to win a football game, that's huge for the confidence of this team. doesn't matter how we win the game, got to have one more point than they do. and we were able to do that today. >> raiders visit the broncos next sunday. today in denver matt swaub gets bulldozed by joe mazed. he was penalized for that. actually lost a piece of his ear. he still threw four touchdown passes including andre johnson. peyton manning threw two late. wasn't enough. 31-25. only remaining ing undefeated afc team. nobody expected san francisco to go undefeated this year. the vikings played more like the 49ers than the 49ers themselves today. didn't like what he saw today as minnesota opened with an impressive drive. a 16 play, 80 yard drive that
12:20 am
took 7 minute ands 40 seconds. one yard touchdown pass. 7-3 in the second quarter. watch him just working and ducking. and diving into the end zone for 23 yard touchdown. minnesota clearly had san francisco's defense out of sync. 49ers looked much more crisp at the start of the second half. led them on an 86 yard drive. 17-13. the come back has begun. but it ends because leaves the vikings on another 91 yard drive. 24-13 in the 4th. just too many self created mistakes cost san francisco this game. dallas missed 249 consecutive passes without an interception. and making the pick and that's how you beat san francisco 24-13. niners were called for 10 penalties.
12:21 am
three turn overs just to the viking's 2. 7 for 14 on third down conversions. safe to say this was not san francisco's best effort. >> especially on offense, left too much out there. didn't get into a rhythm. we were playing out there, they came out and executed better than us. only putting up 13 points, it's not going to get it done. >> usually could score any time and anyway. the chargers were held to lowest output in 10 years. matt ryan and the chargers love going to san chan. 6-0 all time in san francisco. matt threw 3 td passes including this one to tony gonzalez. 27-3 is your final. 49er's next opponent is the jets. but beat the finances in miami 23-20. the cardinals forced three
12:22 am
more on them. take the fumbles. from fresno state, sanders takes it back 93 yards for the touchdown. cardinals lead the nfc west at 3 and 0. best start in 8 years. eagles fall to 2 and 1. cardinals join houston as the only 3-0 nfl teams. dallas wins 10-6. i hope elvis has kansas city running back on his fantasy league team. today in new orleans, charles ran for 233 yards. 91 yard touchdown longest does the allowed by the saints. 27-24 in overtime. now, there's two win less nfl teams. cleveland and the bounty gates. less than 24 hours after his brother was killed in a motorcycle accident, tori smith made 6 catches for 127 yards and scored two touchdowns against
12:23 am
the patriots. this is the second one. draws ravens within 2 points. just imagine the emotional strength he showed today. win this for the ravens with 27 yard field goal. referees say it's good. replay seemed to support that. tori smith and the ravens win. he'll get a phone call for grab iing a referee in protest. new england now is 1 and 2. first time they've been under 500 for the first time in more than 9 years. also today bill snapped 8 game road losing streak. detroit loses matt late. andy dalton pitches robert griffin iii today. beat the colts 22-17. coming up the pga season ended today. worth
12:24 am
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the oakland a's are just 2 and 4 on this road trip. with 10 games left, they maintain 2.5 lead over the angels. that's because finally held off the yankees today. cliff was the hero. they already led 1-0 when seized the pitch and sends it out. led 3-0 in the second. a's lost back to back inning games. now they were tied 4-4 and then the 6th provides game winning rbi. wins 5-4. played 4 in texas tomorrow. the fans
12:28 am
at at&t park came to see a game. san diego breaks 2-2 game in the 7th when singles off padres score. giants will get back to business tuesday after home season. today was two golf tournaments and one really. the winner wins $1.4 million. most fed ex cup points after today's win $10 million. the guy not named tiger or rory takes both checks home. pamed snedeker. then on 17, makes his greatest shot. you got to like that. shots a final round 268 to win $11.4 million and two big trophies. nascar second chase for the
12:29 am
cup was held in new hampshire today. danny hamlin started in 28th place. and wins 5th race of the season. he is now 3rd on the point's race just 7 points back. brad is second just one point back of the overall sprint cup leader. here we go, week 5, here's your chance to vote for the match up as our game of the week. log on to you have until thursday to tell us where to go. that's sports as we see it. raiders win at the last second. niners lose in minnesota while the a's keep wild card hopes alive. >> thanks. >> busy weekend. >> that is our report for tonight. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. >> join the ktvu morning news at 4:30 a.m. the latest on the arrest of that school principal on drug charges. students return to class tomorrow without him as the school's leader. and remember we're always

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